Feel free to navigate through this project pages. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Main project information, its purpose, functions and philosophy.

This project was never released publicly, though I am unable to make it grow as I would like to. This is why I decided to throw it to the Open Source community and ask for help in its development. If you'd like to help me up with the project or join me in its development, or either get to know more information about it, please feel free to contact me.

The Alice Project

The Oldest and widest project I have been working on during my career.

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Current Alice Infrastructure

Alice is the code name of an application project that I have started working on back in early 2000. At that time it was a framework for application development, formerly an unofficial fork of the Horde Core framework. When I started my career as IT manager I had the need of an application that would allow me to manage and keep inventory of the devices I had in our network. As the company kept growing, the application at its best managed:

  • Purchase Department procedure automation
  • Devices inventory
  • Performance and Status Monitoring of the devices

Due to heavy workload and - let's face it - lack of time to develop further my some PHP development skills, I decided to run this project Open Source. I am currently looking for help in further development of this application.

Within these pages you can find some information about the application features and technical specifications. I will be updating the project pages as often as I can, though if you would like to have further information about it please feel free to contact me with any inquiry.

Main information about the Alice Project. Get information about its application

This is a Service Oriented Application. Initially built as an internal IT Dept. management platform, it has been redesigned conceptually for service providers and outsourcing environments. Read more

Application Development and Technical Specifications

The software has always been built by me with a business oriented vision. Because of lack of time I started considering the idea of running it into the Open Source community to make it grow further. Read more