Nagios Check Scripts

A set of PHP Scripts I've been and/or I am using with Nagios

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Although I know PHP migh be not the preferred language for scripting Nagios checks, this is still the language I know best. It allows me a quick development of checks as well as merging business elements within my Nagios controls. Those listed are some of the independent (or made so) ones that I am currently using in my production environments.


Attempts a connection to a Watchguard Authentication service (on port 4100) and returns its status. Requires CURL and a valid username and password on the Firebox. Since credentials are plain in the file, you should consider using a strong (long and complex) password to protect the account and be sure the account is not part of any of the VPN-users group or remote access rules.


This Watchguard script works with XTM version 11.6.1, on the same concept of the above one.