The real breakthrough of self-driving cars (IMO) Data: 04/12/2016 12:52

A short and personal essay about my thoughts on self-driving cars and when we shall see its true power

Will AI build a more reliable future? Data: 01/10/2016 12:15

The massive amount of data (now called Big Data) shared every second alters our way of seeing and believing things and events.

Do we need AI to help us maintain our lifestyle? Data: 18/09/2016 22:39
After my digression about AI that could possibly become a perfect politician, my mind has continued evolving that thought.
Could AI become the real (almost) perfect politician? Data: 01/05/2016 08:00
Shall, perhaps, AI become the perfect solution for all political issues?
Augumented mountain walks: thoughts and answers while hiking Data: 03/01/2016 21:47

As I was doing some hiking during the past weekend my mind was split between the breathtaking views of Carinthian's mountains and thoughts about how a body could be enhanced to make it even more enjoyable.

Dark Monday in Milan Data: 11/07/2015 12:14

Power outages were reported to us by companies having their infrastructures in various datacenters in Milan (Italy) during the whole day, with some major issues and Cloud service interruptions.

The need of downtime Data: 11/03/2015 00:00

If your business thinks it does not allow you to schedule controlled downtimes on services, you’re doomed to a major issue when an unexpected failure occurs.

So you caught Cryptowall. Here is where your Infosec failed Data: 06/09/2014 10:33

The new encrypting virus campaign not only requires a ransom to recover your data, but also shows how things must go bad to make it successful.

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Welcome on, my personal website. This is a place where I do like to share idease, keep my own resources, my lab and the way I live my IT reality. I've decided to build up again my own website around 2010, so the contents are mostly upcoming or being a lab for my experiments and projects. Thanks for visiting and have a good journey on the Net!

The Alice Project is an application (and related framework) for IT Department integrated management I have been working on during past years.

Proof concepts and projects that I have started working on, or both things. My visions applied in the real world, and their results.

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Links to the external repositories where I have published some of my coding projects.

Infosec IoT challenges for 2017

Infosec IoT challenges for 2017

Last year we got a pretty massive example of how scary unsecure the IoT is.

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My Resume is actually visible on LinkedIn, the only place where I'm keeping the updated copy of it. It's available in english only. If you want to access my public resume on LinkedIn you can follow the link below. Il mio curriculum è attualmente visibile su LinkedIN, unico luogo in cui io mantenga una copia aggiornata ed in lingua inglese con tutte le informazioni più importanti. Per visualizzare il mio profilo pubblico, cliccare sul link di seguito proposto (si aprirà in una nuova finestra del browser).

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